Hole by Hole Tour

MainThe 18 holes are named the same as the 18 rooms inside the Mansion House.

Click on the Hole numbers below for course layout. 

The course is open every day from 8:00am til dusk. 

There is an open bay golf driving range and a separate practice ground and a putting/chipping area, where your game can be fine-tuned.  The Mansion House offers a comfortable bar, with a variety of eating facilities.  There is a Half Way House, very popular with golfers, who can enjoy a variety of hot and cold food and drinks, before, during and after their round.  

We look forward to welcoming you to 'The Garden of England'.

We have a Daily Course Condition number you can ring 01227 831655-after 7am each day, just in case you feel the weather might be in doubt

The Course – Kent

An uphill par 4 , very slight dogleg to the right from back tees, with a two tier green. Pro tip – Favour the right side from the tee to avoid the lateral hazard.

The Course – Dixwell

Short downhill par 3, with bunker on right. Pro tip – Take one less club, as over the green is a very tough up and down.

The Course – Khartoum

Par 5 with a blind second shot over the hill. Pro tip – Keep your second shot well left as the fairway has a big slope to take shots into the rough.


The Course – Kimberley

Steep uphill par 4, slight dogleg left. Pro tip – Hit a fairway club from the tee to leave a full shot into the green.

The Course – Mafeking

Can be a tough short par 4 with the fairway sloping right to left. Pro tip – Try to hit a tee shot over the right hand tree in the fairway to leave the best second shot.

The Course – Denton

Par 3, all carry to the two tier green. Pro tip – take one club more to carry the dead ground in front of the green.

The Course – Stuart

Par 4, 90 degree dogleg to the left, with out of bounds left, all the way along the hole. Pro tip – Safety first hole! Keep right at all times until you reach the green.


The Course – Sudan

Downhill short par 4, with a big tree in play just to the right of the green. Pro tip – Take a mid iron from the tee to find the fairway, giving you a short pitch to the green, or if feeling good try to drive it!

The Course – Alexandria

Par 5 hole, slight right to left dogleg, well guarded with established trees all the way along the hole. Pro tip – Play straight from the tee, finding the fairway on this hole is the key.

The Course – Charles II

Long par 4 with trees right and left off the tee and a deep bunker front left of the green. Pro tip – From a good drive favour the right side of the green for your second.

The Course – Canterbury

Par 4, uphill, sharp dogleg left and a well bunkered green. Pro tip – Avoid the trees by aiming right from the tee.

The Course – Barham

Par 5, long straight downhill hole, with out of bounds all the way down the hole to the right. Pro tip – Favour the left side of the hole from the tee and play it as a 3 shot hole, leaving a short pitch.

The Course – Connaught

Par 3, long steep uphill hole with a bunker on the right. Pro tip – A good straight hit with a long club required here, par is a bonus!

The Course – Cranbourne

Par 4 with fairway bunkers left and right and a large greenside bunker. Pro tip – If you find the fairway, aim your second at the big tree just left of the green and allow the slope to take it onto the green.

The Course – Curzon

Tough par 4 with out of bounds left all the way. Pro tip – Anywhere except left is good off the tee, try to avoid going too long with your second, a lot of trouble over the green.

The Course – Oxenden

Long par 4 with imposing fairway bunkers, and deep greenside bunkers, a very difficult hole. Pro tip – Try to miss the bunkers off the tee to have a chance of hitting the green. 4 is a great score, but 5 is not too bad.

The Course – Digges

Par 3 with a long  greenside bunker and protected by trees either side. Pro tip – Take one more club to clear the bunkers

The Course – Kitchener

Par 5, dogleg right, with the green guarded by water in front and two greenside bunkers. A great finishing hole with a marvellous view of the Mansion House for the shot into the green. Pro tip – Play this as a 3 shot hole, and try not to get wet!